Beau’s ringworm (tinea) or the story of his little hole

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Beau’s ringworm (tinea) or the story of his little hole


Evreux 2010 005 


About 3 months ago, whilst Beau was fast asleep on his back, I suddenly noticed a little white hole on his belly.


I rummage around his belly and indeed, on his left side, there is a small hairless hole.  I have a good look at it but notice nothing else.  I tell myself to regularly check it.  I talked about this to Helene, Beau’s breeder and same reaction:  to be checked.


From time to time, I do see this little hole which seems to get a bit bigger.  I dig around his belly sometimes unsuccessfully.  I talked about it with friends, ringworm maybe!  I check it up very regularly but Beau has nothing else and Courtoise nothing at all.

 24 juillet

When suddenly, the day before yesterday, I have a good rummage and notice that the hole got bigger!!!  I immediately make an appointment with my vet, thinking that’s it, Beau has ringworm!!! L  How on earth did he catch it?  And my Courtoise has absolutely nothing!


I am just back from my vet...  I was firmly holding Beau who has been growling non stop (like he always does at the vet’s).  My vet has a good rummage around and find the hole.  She takes the Hood lamp (needed to see if it is ringworm or not) when she suddenly tells me:  I know what it is!  I’ll check with the Hood lamp anyway.  And of course, NOTHING! No ringworm.  My vet was in absolute stiches!!!  She told me to go back home and did not make me pay anything. J


Beau’s little hole is …………………………………………………………his belly button!

Evreux 2010 003


These last few months, as Beau has been taking on his beautiful Chartreux male body shape, he has grown and so has the hole!


During the whole trip back home, I was crying with laughter!





PS:  This story took place 4 years ago.  I have never seen a cat with ringworm.  It made me realized that cats have belly buttons, something I never thought about it.  Since then, Beau has been carefully looking after his little hairless ringworm hole by putting on weight. J





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