Behaviour: Cat and the sense of smell by Marie-Hélène

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Cat and the sense of smell

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Smells act on temper for humans but also for animals.


The cat has an olfactory system 5 to 7 times more developed than ours (be forwarned that the flatter the nose is, the lesser is the sense of smell).


Some smells will excite the cat, others will make him play, will calm him, infuriate him or make him pee. These are the smells we are to going to see today.


We more and more buy organic products. It is better for the environment. However the cleaning base of such products are based on citrus or orange essential oil. These products kindle aggressivity in cats so much so that some will urinate to mask this aggressive smell.


The same applies to all citrus essential oils (lemon, grapefruit, orange, lemon grass, oranger). Essential oils being inside barks/peels, potpourri and even the citrus fruit dish on the table are to be banned.


We would only use these smells outside the house to stop a stray cat from coming up to your house to taunt your cat or inside one room which might be dangerous for the cat (i.e. a workroom with solvents).

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Think that when you smell an orange, your cat smells it 7 times stronger!


If you find your cat a bit aggressive, or if he suddenly starts peeing on your clothes, check the smells you use! While shopping, do not forget to check the component list of your cleaning products (wax, softener, washing powder, but also deodorant as well as perfumes).


To a cat, these smells are like a declaration of war. They can scratch, bite or attack a friend or a human without wanting too.


Try to use lavender and vanilla smells which are calming and soothing; mint as well as olive or nutmeg to make him play; rosemary or thyme to make him scratch his cat tree, and eucalyptus which is very good to help avoid colds in winter and help the cat to breathe.

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Marie-Hélène Bonnet

Cat behaviourist, Nutrition and Bach Flowers specialist


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